MicroSource was founded in 2008 and its original product was optimizing sources in the Microsoft partner network focusing on ERP systems. Put simply, MicroSource helped IT companies with a surplus of resources sell them to IT companies with a shortage of resources, and vice versa.

In the following years, the original MicroSource product was expanded to the whole IT area and its customers became not only IT companies, but also all companies that need IT to support their own business and that seek not only acceptable solutions, but solutions that are high in quality and have long-term benefits.

The well-known fact that IT faces a worldwide shortage of high-quality human resources and repeated individual development of very similar products, results in solutions being delivered with many errors and people and companies exhausted financially and physically and with poor relationships. We have therefore striven to change this situation by adding another product to our portfolio and through the fundamental development of activities beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.